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Writing - Max,Marley &
The Mighty Meteorite

Far away in outer space
is quite an enchanting place

Beyond the moon amongst the stars live Max and Marley on Planet Mars. (1)


In a canyon underground lived the aliens safe and sound. (2)


Max loved mountains soaring up high. Marley enjoyed adventures flying by. (3)

One fine day while outside playing something strange appeared nearby. (4)

At first thought Max it might be lightening but said Marley "Look just there" The Light was moving changing colour.

"It's a meteorite and it's coming!" (5)

Sure enough across the sky came the meteorite whizzing by. (6)


In a sudden blinding flash the mighty meteorite made a blast. (7)


Soon the dust began to clear a brand new crater had appeared! (8)


To celebrate this new found space Max and Marley transformed the base. (9)

Crater Max Mar was large and round a perfect alien hover board ground! (10)

Other titles include

Children's Rhyming Sci-Fi Stories


Children's Rhyming Sci-Fi Max, Marley & the Solar Flare Storm (Solar System Series) Mercury 1

Max, Marley & the Lost Satellite (Solar System Series) Venus 2

Max, Marley and the Aurora Borealis (Solar System Series) Earth 3

Max, Marley and Mighty Meteorite (Solar System Series) Mars 4

Max, Marley and the Red Spot Adventure(Solar System Series) Jupiter 5

Max, Marley and The Rings of Saturn (Solar System Series) Saturn 6

Max, Marley and the Unusual Galaxy (Solar System Series) Uranus 7

Max, Marley and The Neptune Nebula Discoveries. (Solar System Series) 8 

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