Poetry by Eva

Life is a journey

Poetry by Eva - Life is a journey

Life is a journey

How far will you go?

What will you see?

What will you sow?

Life is for living, For/giving, for letting go

This is the truth this much I know.

Poetry by Eva

A Time for Peace

Why is peace a dream long gone?


Why do wars go on and on?


Learn the truth and shine the light


There's no such thing as a glorious fight


Wars are folly, wars aren't free


Trauma passes genetically


Stop the madness, stop the sales


Of guns and bombs and belts with nails


A world of peace is not a dream


It's a lot more simple than it may seem.





Poetry by Eva


No food, No phone, No job, No home


I want to work but jobs are few


Tell me please what should I do?


Rent is high - Hope is low


The status quo is BLOW, BLOW, BLOW


Tell me why this has to be


When UBI would set us free?


I know you hear me


Please hear this plea


UBI will set us free


Reconsider and make it so


UBI will help us grow.

Poetry by Eva  
Salina Bay - 2012


Gentle lapping of the waves


Slowly sunlight dips away


Moonlit night and stars beyond


Happy memories of which I'm fond.

Spirit 2018

The hearts of horses are wild and free

That's how life is meant to be

Growing, learning, wandering free 

It can be so for you for me.