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Poetry by Eva Askham- Spencer

Synchronicity - 2023

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Living now be full of cheer
its time to end perpetual fear
Greed & pain will be no more
These former things are out the door
Be a friend and do some good
You know its right
You know you should
A world of peace is not a dream
Its a lot more simple than it may seem


Lightworker 2023

scottish photographer

In my bones I felt the call
I saw the truth and sensed it all
the world was calling those who knew

to make a stand against the few

to stop the madness

to share the truth

however hard by skin or tooth

we dont want thanks

we arent for fame

we simply want to change the game

to make this world great again

Inner Glow 2022

Whenever you are feeling low, Reach inside for inner glow, For what is in your heart you'll see, Is strength and love - eternity.

Inner Glow | Poetry by Eva

Volunteer (2021)

Meet some people

do some good

angels guide you from up above

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Rivers (2021)

Rivers | Poetry by Eva

Life is like a river

rapids, meanders, shallows, pools

we never know where it will take us

we set sail

the infinite sea awaits us all

enjoy the adventure

life is a journey

a gift for us all

Perfect Love (2021)

Perfect love is what you are

eternal love, eternal stars

a thousand sun beams

a force for good

a flock of angels from high above

Poetry by Eva Askham Spencer

The Ochils (2021)

Rising up above the town

the Ochils stand in shades of brown

rolling hills and whittled glens

full of life and little wrens

adventures waiting its time to go..

the summit's dusted in glistening snow


Life is a journey

Poetry by Eva - Life is a journey

Life is a journey

How far will you go?

What will you see?

What will you sow?

Life is for living, For/giving, for letting go

This is the truth this much I know.

A Time for Peace

Why is peace a dream long gone?


Why do wars go on and on?


Learn the truth and shine the light


There's no such thing as a glorious fight


Wars are folly, wars aren't free


Trauma passes genetically


Stop the madness, stop the sales


Of guns and bombs and belts with nails


A world of peace is not a dream


It's a lot more simple than it may seem.





Salina Bay - 2012

Salina Bay 2012 | Poetry by Eva

Gentle lapping of the waves


Slowly sunlight dips away


Moonlit night and stars beyond


Happy memories of which I'm fond.

Spirit 2018

The hearts of horses are wild and free

That's how life is meant to be

Growing, learning, wandering free 

It can be so for you for me.

Spirit 2018 | Poetry by Eva
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